Matthew Close has a head for numbers and chemistry. Become more info about 25 euro bonus ohne einzahlung casino. He also really likes good beer. Not surprising, then, that when he received his first homebrew kit as a gift in 2002, he quickly turned a hobby into both a science and an art. Though he meticulously tracked his brew session details, his quest was simple: to make quality beer that tasted great, and then share his beer with others.

When lightning struck a pine tree in his front yard during the spring of 2007, Matthew suddenly realized what he’d really been brewing these past five years. It was more than just beer. He was brewing ideas. He was brewing passion. He was brewing flavor. TreeStrike was born.

Today, we’re still a fledgling homebrew label—and Matthew still works a day job—but the neighbors flock to us for more of their favorites. The garage houses a “beer fridge” with four tap handles. Our closets hold carboys in various stages of fermentation. We even grow our own hops along the outside of our brick chimney. And someday, with the help of loyal fans, we hope to transform TreeStrike into the first and only brewery in Southlake, TX.