Dig Our New Bar

This past weekend, we were asked by the nice folks at the Southlake Tennis Center if we would like to donate and serve TreeStrike brews at a charity mixed doubles tournament. The event raised money for an organization called Safe Haven, that assists women and children leaving situations of domestic violence. Of course we said Read more

The Big Pig

If you haven't had the good fortune to try our chili yet, well, you're not alone. Even my wife has never tried it, and she's going to help me cook it! In her defense, it's because she's a vegetarian. She says it smells great. So at least there's that. But if you're not a vegetarian and you haven't given it a try, you need to head over to the Ginger Man today and enjoy the Big Pig! There are several other teams competing, all of whom will have great concoctions, I'm Read more

My Obsession with Pale Ales

I love American-style pale ales and have for many years. I was reminded of this last night when the whole family was out for dinner at one of our favorite Tuesday night places, and I was talking with the manager about "old school" favorites. Yep, I too once drank Wiedemann's and MGD. In college, Wiedemann's was special mainly due to the price, and a party with an MGD keg was practically a high-class Read more

Types of Data Area Software

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When setting up a data room, it is crucial to evaluate the whole picture. This consists of checking browser compatibility and access permissions. Ensure that the solution is SOC2-compliant. In addition , search for flexible deployment solutions that may support a range of file formats. Finally, consider the ease of use and accessibility. Depending on the requirements of your project, there are Read more […]

Which in turn Data Software is Right For Your company?

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When you use data software to investigate your business information, it’s rather a daunting job. The first step is usually to identify the questions you intend to answer. What is the problem or challenge you wish to solve? After that, define the type of data you want and exactly how you plan to reach it. You might also need a approach to store and retrieve the details that you need. This post Read more […]

How to choose Data Bedroom Providers

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When considering data area providers, you must start with cost. Each carrier charges varied rates for the same services, so you should research each before making a conclusion. Firmex offers an attractive annual registration plan that enables unlimited jobs. This plan is a cheap choice with respect to transactions, as it provides a data room about standby. As with any kind of service, costing Read more […]

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