Dig Our New Bar

This past weekend, we were asked by the nice folks at the Southlake Tennis Center if we would like to donate and serve TreeStrike brews at a charity mixed doubles tournament. The event raised money for an organization called Safe Haven, that assists women and children leaving situations of domestic violence. Of course we said Read more

The Big Pig

If you haven't had the good fortune to try our chili yet, well, you're not alone. Even my wife has never tried it, and she's going to help me cook it! In her defense, it's because she's a vegetarian. She says it smells great. So at least there's that. But if you're not a vegetarian and you haven't given it a try, you need to head over to the Ginger Man today and enjoy the Big Pig! There are several other teams competing, all of whom will have great concoctions, I'm Read more

My Obsession with Pale Ales

I love American-style pale ales and have for many years. I was reminded of this last night when the whole family was out for dinner at one of our favorite Tuesday night places, and I was talking with the manager about "old school" favorites. Yep, I too once drank Wiedemann's and MGD. In college, Wiedemann's was special mainly due to the price, and a party with an MGD keg was practically a high-class Read more

Avira Review

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In this Avira review, we look at the various ways in which the software can help you protect your pc. We also consider the company’s in depth customer support. All their knowledge basic offers complex courses, video tutorials, and quick infosheets for some of their products. Additionally , their customer support team is available via cellular phone, email, and Twitter. If you encounter a problem, Read more […]

Anti-virus For Android – How you can Keep Your Cellphone Safe From Malicious Apps

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Android is among the most well-known mobile operating systems in the world. With more than 3 billion dollars users, it has the no wonder which the number of malwares circulating at the platform is usually increasing. However many users still do certainly not protect their devices. This how to give protection to your telephone and keep it safe. Read on to discover the very best Android antivirus. There Read more […]

Anti-virus Systems — Key Points to Consider When acquiring

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Antivirus devices were initially basic programs that looked pertaining to code patterns in regarded threats then cleaned the training course from them. Today, however , anti-virus systems make use of more sophisticated approaches, such as predictive analytics, to guard your computer right from malware and also other threats. They are the foundation of many successful net security systems, and are Read more […]