Featured Beer:

chilebeerlogoDown the Hatch Chile Beer

Inspired by two awesome Colorado microbrews from Wynkoop (Denver) and Coopersmith (Ft. Collins), Matthew fine-tuned the flavor on this original, summertime favorite. Light and crisp, with the unmistakable taste of fire-roasted Hatch chiles, you won’t want to eat nachos without a pint nearby. When we tap this one, it’s usually gone within a day. For additional specifics, focus on the particular casino 25 euro bonus ohne einzahlung. 4.2% ABV


Other Great TreeStrike Brews


tuckerlabelTucker Brown Ale

True to its name, this is a dark brown ale that’s dry, with an emphasis on hop aroma. Malt flavor lingers on the finish, giving the beer a balanced drinkability that’s sure to breed a loyal following. 5.0% ABV

What can we say…. He was a good dog. He deserved a beer of his own. We gave him our crowd-pleasing brown ale, and he’d be proud.

Our beloved chocolate Lab, Tucker, headed on up to the big dog park in the sky in December 2008. He’d been in our family for 10 years. In typical Lab fashion, he was a puppy for six of those years, and then went straight on to his senior era. His health declined rapidly after a diagnosis of canine diabetes in 2007, though he was loyal to the end and never failed to give tail wags for his “kids”—Emma, Lissa, & Joe. He’ll be missed like crazy by the whole Close family and everyone who ever had the good fortune to scratch him behind his ears. Snarfle on, buddy.



Platinum Blonde Ale

This beer was born at the request of some friends who run a financial planning firm. They needed something swank and new for a launch party. What better fit than a beer that’s blonde and rich? The reception has been incredible. This is a clear TreeStrike favorite! 5.1%ABV


easypalealelogoEasy Pale Ale

This is a classic pale ale, medium in body, deep amber in the glass. Cascade and Amarillo hops lend it plenty of fresh, citrus aroma, while Vanguard hops offer a very clean bitterness. Add in a great malt essence, and you have a balanced beer that goes down smooth. 5.7% ABV




Hoppy Strong Ale

Not for the light beer drinkers, this brew is a first attempt at a style known for its higher alcohol content and rich malt flavor. Our recipe originates from a brewer’s publication, which had the beer age one month on mesquite sticks. We liked the flavor, but plan to tweak repeat efforts for a more unique TreeStrike and Texan twist. 8.2% ABV


It’s pronounced “hooch,” folks (name courtesy of our neighbor, Mr. E, who is a big fan). Quite simply, this is a high-powered, low-effort hard apple cider. So easy to make, too easy to drink. 9.0% ABV

Belgian Strong Red Ale

This beer is the crazy brainchild of Matthew and his brother-in-law, the other Matthew, who decided over the holidays one year to brew something that involved smoke (lots and lots of smoke). The guys hand-built a mesh screen, filled it with a portion of the base malt, and stuck it on the smoker for about two hours. The resulting beer, when finished aging, takes on an unobtrusive hop flavor and a focus on the smoked malt. We think this beer screams out for a plate of barbecue. 9.4% ABV

…and we’re coming up with new ones all the time! Stay tuned!