The Big Pig

Greetings, friends! It’s a bit “chili” outside today, but nevertheless, Team TreeStrike is headed over to the Ginger Man in Southlake to participate in their 1st annual chili cook-off, benefiting the Pro Players Foundation!

If you haven’t had the good fortune to try our chili yet, well, you’re not alone. Even my wife has never tried it, and she’s going to help me cook it! In her defense, it’s because she’s a vegetarian. She says it smells great. So at least there’s that. But if you’re not a vegetarian and you haven’t given it a try, you need to head over to the Ginger Man today and enjoy the Big Pig! There are several other teams competing, all of whom will have great concoctions, I’m sure. And with the weather being a bit on the “chili” side (yes, I did it again), all those nice steaming bowls of tasty goodness will no doubt be welcome. The best part is that all competitors are required to use a minimum of 12 oz. of Shiner in our recipes. We’re happy to support one of our favorite Texas brews, and I can just tell you right now that we’ve gone far beyond the minimum.

Other fun facts about the Big Pig:

  • It’s only got pork in it. Sorry, beef lovers. I don’t eat red meat. This is pure pork awesomeness.
  • There are ZERO beans. That’s right. Real Texas chili does not have beans. (Of course, real Texas chili also has beef, so let’s just say we are only kinda-real. Like a Kardashian.)
  • Just the right kick. We are not out to blow your taste buds to hell. We want our chili to be friends with your taste buds. You’ll get a little tingly, but you will not be begging for milk. (If we induce a craving for beer, however, we’ve done our job.)
  • We’re serving it with my super-secret-famous queso on the side. Don’t try to replicate this at home. You will miss something crucial.

Join us this afternoon and get yourself one of our nifty “I Ate the Big Pig” buttons. And if we have any left (and if you make a solid donation to the Pro Players Foundation), you can also get a custom TreeStrike apron or notepad. We have a limited supply, so be there early if you want one!

Chili tasting opens to the public at 2 p.m. on the Ginger Man patio. Live music, plus they have giveaways as well! And lots of great beer of course!

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  1. Genevieve Stovall

    I will be there! Save me some goodies!

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