New year, new look!

Welcome to the newly re-designed site for TreeStrike Brewing Company. Last year, we slacked off a bit too much in the upkeep department, due to other responsibilities. But we missed the excitement of beer. We missed building our brand. We missed getting messy out in the brew garage and filling the air with the aroma of hops. So no more of that slacking nonsense! This year, we’re reviving the fun, planning a bunch of upcoming brew sessions and classes. We’re going to be blogging now, too, to bring you some interesting news on the world of craft beer in the DFW area, which is growing like crazy. AND we’re planning at least one new beer, which we want YOU to help us style and name. Become more info regarding 25 euro casino bonus.

Stay tuned for all the 2013 hoopla here at TBC!


Matthew & crew

P.S. If you’re wondering what’s on tap here, well…we’ve got HO2CH, my friends. Nothing better for NYE!

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